Monday, June 14, 2010

Orange Salsa Salad

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without some brilliant citrus fruit around. Although I try to keep all types on hand, one of my favorites is the orange. They are a great source of vitamin C, which makes them a healthy snack for the kids. They are always refreshing and go with many summer dishes, like fish, grilled shellfish, chicken, or even tri-tip. I love to make sauces, frozen and baked treats, salads, and so many other things with oranges but I had to pick one to share with you for today so I chose an Orange Salsa Salad. This salad is inspired from a salad by my mom, with a few variations in dressing and preparation. I loved the basic flavor combinations when she served it to me and had to make it my own.

This Orange Salsa Salad is a fantastic side for any summer barbeque. It has some nice salsa like flavors but isn’t spicy which makes it appealing to everyone. One very important element to making this salad is that the oranges are sectioned, cutting them from the pith. Otherwise the peel and pith will cause the salad to take on a stale bitter flavor as it marinades. To prepare the orange in this way, first cut off all of the peel, ensuring that no white remains. Then holding the orange in one hand, use a knife to cut on each side of the segment to remove the section, repeating this all the way around the orange. While this takes some time it is well worth it, not only because it guarantees proper taste but it looks beautiful as well. I have served this as a side to a barbeque tri-tip dinner and also roast chicken; it was a hit on both occasions!

And now, “Bon appetite, now we may eat!”

Orange Salsa Salad

(Serves 6)

12 oranges, segments cut from pith

1 medium red onion, sliced

3 T chopped fresh cilantro

3 T olive oil

1 T balsamic vinegar

Section oranges by cutting the oranges segments from the pith, ensuring no white remains. Drain the oranges segments in a strainer, juice can be saved for some other purpose. Slice onions and chop cilantro, place in a bowl. Add orange segments and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Toss lightly and marinade for an hour before serving.


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  2. Thanks, I appreciate the referral and always welcome new readers.

  3. Very nice! I can almost taste it, the combination of the onion and orange are very unique I bet.